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featured film project

country: UK

Penny for the Guy

country: UK

the trailer

the film project

Penny for the Guy was conceived and written by Carla Buckley initially as a short play. However, it was quickly realised that this would benefit so much more from being a film. So - after a few months of planning, filming started in November 2014 and was essentially completed one month later. Editing took another 6 months, mainly due to the trio all having full time jobs and all being involved in other projects.

The film was produced on a micro budget of just under £500 which was largely spent on prosthetics development and catering.

the story

Down-and-out Frank spends his days drinking and begging in the local underpass until one day, a visit from a stranger changes his life forever.

On a gloomy evening, a homeless man has bedded down for the night with some help from the spirit world - spirits that come from bottles. He is approached by a lady from the council who wishes to question him about life on the streets. As trust grows, so does hostility and changes occur through this meeting. Changes so big, his life will never be the same again.

Thematically, it looks at homelessness, self-preservation and how alcohol consumption can change a person in ways you would never imagine.

the filmmakers

Big Frog Films are a Worcestershire based production company comprising husband and wife team Nigel and Carla Buckley, and third cohort Mark Whitehouse. Formed initially to produce new and innovative stage plays, the trio quickly realised the potential of using film as a way to express their artistic ideas.

Over the last 2 years they have written and produced everything from comedy shorts, corporate promos and music videos.

Carla Buckley

Nigel Buckley

Mark Whitehouse

Alex Bourne

Kaushy Patel

Spineless Wimp

Alastair Butler

Charlie Tabberner

Joshua LA Baggott

elizabeth burden

John Lovell

contact the filmmakers


Penny for the Guy: how we did it

Frank's Calling: colour grading developmen

the film





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